China Weekly News Quiz: May 6-12, 2024

Do you know what happened in China last week? Take our weekly news quiz to test your knowledge and get up to speed on the latest developments in case you missed something.

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1 China’s foreign trade went up by 5.7 percent in the first four months of this year, according to official statistics released last week. Which of these statements holds true for imports and exports?

  • Imports grew faster than exports
  • Exports grew faster than imports

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2 The picture shows auroras appear over Xilinhot City in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on May 11. What caused this rare sighting in the area?

  • Solar storm
  • Ozone depletion

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3 China last week delivered data from ICUBE-Q, a satellite carried by Chang’e-6 lunar probe, to which country?

  • Pakistan
  • France

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4 China has developed its first 100-kilogram class vehicle-mounted liquid hydrogen system, marking a new breakthrough in the country’s transportation sector. What’s the truck mileage that it can give on a single charge?

  • 650 kilometers
  • 1,000 kilometers

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